Risa Bhinekawati, S.E., M.B.A., M.I.P.P., Ph.D.
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Area Penelitian
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sejarah pendidikan
  • PhD in Management, the Australian National University, College of Business and Economics, Canberra, Australia, December 2015.
  • Master of International Policy & Practice (Valedictorian of Class 2006), the George Washington University, Elliott School of International Affairs, Washington, DC, USA, May 2006.
  • MBA in Managing in Asia (Student representative of Class 1999), the Australian National University, National Graduate School of Management, Canberra, Australia, October 1999.
  • BA in Economics and Management , the University of Indonesia, Faculty of Economics (Extension Program), Jakarta, Indonesia , February 1992.
  • Diploma in Secretarial Sciences, Tarakanita Academy of Secretary, Jakarta, Indonesia, July 1987
Riset & Publikasi
  • Bhinekawati, R. (2017). Corporate Social Responsiblity and Sustainable Development: Social Capital and Corporate Development in Emerging Economies. Oxon, UK: Routledge,  ISBN-13: 978-1138227583, ISBN-10: 1138227587
  • Bhinekawati, R. (2016). The linkages between CSR, social capital, and small enterprise development in a large company's supply chain. Proceedings paper di 15th  International Conference on CSR and 6th International Conference on Corporate Governance, Melbourne, 1-3 September 2016, ISSN: 2048-0806.
  • Bhinekawati R. (2016). Government Initiatives to Empower Small and Medium Enterprise: Comparing One Stop Shop for Licensing in Indonesia and Australia,     Journal of ASEAN Studies, 4(1), pp. 87-106, ISSN2338-1361 (print); 2338-1353 (online),
  • Bhinekawati, R. (2015). Social capital development through CSR program: Evidence from palm oil plantations in Indonesia. Jurnal Bina Manajemen, 4(1), pp. 1-14, ISSN: 2303-0283.
  • The Social Capital that Bridges CSR Programs and Corporate Sustainability: The case of Astra in Indonesia, PhD Dissertation, Australian National University, resubmitted on 21/7/2015.
  • Bhinekawati, R. (2014). The Government Mechanisms to Support and Empower Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs): An Australian Experience that may be Applicable to Indonesia, research paper funded by Allison Sudradjat Award, launched in Jakarta, 18 March 2014.
  • Bhinekawati, R (2013). To Prosper with the Nation: The Social Capital that Bridges CSR Programs and Corporate Sustainability, conference paper, presented at the Australia New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, Hobart, 16/12/2013.
  • Sugondo, K., & Bhinekawati, R. (2004).  Indonesia: Telecommunications on a road to reform. In A. Brown, M. Hossain & D.T. Nguyen (Eds), Telecommunications Reform in the Asia-Pacific Region, (pp. 97-118). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, ISBN: 1.840646918.
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  • Bhinekawati, R. (1999). Urgency of Independent Regulatory Body, article, Bisnis Indonesia, 5/7/1999.
  • Advisory Board Member, Women in Global Business – Indonesia Chapter
  • Committee Member of Global Compact/International Business Council to support the United Nation’s Global Compact implementation in Indonesia, 2003-2005
  • Member of Indonesian Telecommunications Society to provide inputs on telecommunications regulatory working group, 2000-2005
  • Vice Chairperson of Australian Alumni Association in Indonesia (IKAMA), 2001-2005
  • Member of National Tripartite/Indonesian Employers Association to provide inputs on Indonesian labor regulations, 2001-2003
  • National Team member of Indonesian telecommunications deregulation to facilitate inputs from the society and the industry to the blue print of Indonesian telecommunications sector, 1998-2000
  • ‘Kartini Berprestasi 2010’ selected by Gatra Magazine, Indonesia
  • The Australian Leadership Award and the Allison Sudradjat Award to conduct a PhD program at the Australian National University and to work at Australian Institutions; awarded by the Australian government for distinguished leaders to contribute to Indonesian development and to improve the links between Indonesia and Australia (2010).
  • Runner up of BBC World Challenge 2009 for initiating “Danamon Go Green” program, converting market waste of traditional markets into high quality compost.
  • Merriman Fellowship to attend a Masters program in International Policy and Practice; awarded by the Elliott School of International Affairs, the George Washington University for developing countries’ mid career professionals (2005).
  • Merdeka Fellowship to undertake visits, study and research in Australia; awarded by the Australian Government for Indonesian future leaders in recognition to Indonesia’s 50 years of independence (1997).
  • Group Bronze Medal for creating and implementing the Business Development Team, awarded by the U.S. Department of Commerce for major administrative innovation leading to significant improvement in the U.S. Commercial Center Jakarta’s core program services (1997).